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What Are the Benefits of a Gel Mattress?

The Rx Bio Medical Gel series of bedding is engineered to deliver a pressure free, temperature neutral sleep environment with a superior level of conforming support.

Shopping for a Gel Mattress — A New Way to Sleep

Gel mattresses offer you an updated technology that can bring many benefits to you and your loved ones. Comfort is probably the most important factor in buying a mattress. With comfort comes good sleep, and with good sleep comes someone who is ready to conquer the day ahead! Gel meets the immediate need for comfort with the natural cooling ability. Gel is now being incorporated into other materials such as the memory foam technology. The gel-foam technology is the same that has been used in pillows and mattress pads in recent years. Independent experts say it represents a promising step toward making mattresses feel more comfortable.

Consumer Digest shares that by introducing gel-foam mattresses, manufacturers are trying to address one of the most persistent complaints about memory foam (otherwise known as viscoelastic-foam) mattresses — that they “sleep hot,” or retain the heat that your body gives off while you sleep, which can make you uncomfortable during the night. Three years ago, mattress-makers sought to solve this problem by using open-cell memory foam to create better air flow inside of the mattress. But manufacturers admit to Consumers Digest that they received plenty of consumer feedback that indicates that open-cell memory foam didn’t stop the “it sleeps hot” complaints. Rather than abandon open-cell memory foam, manufacturers are adding gel foam to their mattress-cushion formulations.

Explore the Benefits of a Gel Mattress for Yourself

The next best thing is here with Sherwood Bedding’s new EvoSleep Bio Medical Gel Mattress! Cutting-edge Bio Medical Gel is medically proven to reduce interface pressure to speed recovery and rejuvenation during sleep; while the 70%, soy gel layer regulates surface temperature. It also utilizes only the finest, sustainable “earth-friendly” material resources. The Rx Bio Medical Gel series of mattresses is available in firm, luxury firm, and luxury plush models. For additional questions about costs and which type of gel mattress may be best for you, make sure to contact your local Sherwood Bedding specialist.

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