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Are There Different Types of Memory Foam in Mattresses?

There are various types of memory foam that different companies use. At Sherwood Bedding, we give quality assurance. Sherwood Bedding’s manufacturing systems are some of the most advanced in the world. Our products have been rigorously tested to assure that it meets the highest global quality standards. We offer high-density memory foam, a soy-based upholstery foam, latex and foam, and most of our mattresses feature high-density foam encasement to improve stability and expand the usable sleep surface.

A Breakdown of the Different Types of Memory Foam

Here is a breakdown of what sets our memory foam mattresses apart from the rest, making Sherwood Bedding the best.

High-Density Memory Foam

All memory foams are not created equal. Lower cost, lower density variants of this popular material do not provide the same conforming support or pressure relief as the premium, open-cell memory foam used in EvoSleep Mattresses. Not only is our memory foam of better quality, but it is also one of the most breathable available. A unique manufacturing process provides natural ventilation that helps equalize the temperature of your sleep environment.

Soy Based Upholstery Foam

Hig-density, soy-based cushioning materials are used to increase durability and provide conforming comfort and superior support. This material offers a green alternative to foams used by mass-market brands that are made with large amounts of petroleum byproducts.

Latex Foam

Naturally derived from the milk of the tropical rubber tree, latex foam provides the ultimate in natural pressure relief. In addition to its exceptional comfort, latex foam is also naturally hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant and breathable.

Experience All the Types of Memory Foam

All of our mattresses are naturally safe and never use any toxic chemicals. Now let us help you. Which foam mattress fits your needs? Make sure to call your Sherwood Bedding specialist to find out today! We have the best products with unbeatable service; now let us help you find your perfect mattress.

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