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Latest Mattress Innovations: How They Make You Sleep Better

A comfortable mattress is critical to achieving better sleep so that you are refreshed and ready to face the day.

Your lower back must be properly aligned and supported to prevent stiffness and pain. Your shoulders and hips need pressure relief to enhance circulation and muscle recovery. An ideal sleep environment must be kept at an optimum temperature throughout the night to avoid disrupting the circadian rhythms that are crucial to restorative rest.

Older innerspring technologies and the low-quality foams found in many brands make it nearly impossible to satisfy these diverse needs in a single design. But new technologies and mattress innovations have made these limitations a thing of the past.

Latest Mattress Innovations

A few of these innovations are:

  • Latex Foam: Designed to provide progressive support while alleviating pressure by gently pushing back against the weight of the body.

  • Memory Foam: Conforming to your body while you are lying on it, but returns to its original shape once left alone. It adjusts to your temperature and position providing customized support for your body shape. By contouring to your unique physique, memory foam relieves pressure on key parts of your body including your hips and shoulders.

  • Pocket Springs: Individually encased coils that create a more responsive mattress.

  • Adjustable Beds: To help improve sleep through elevating your legs to relieve back pressure and improve circulation.

Experience a New Way to Sleep

From organic, sustainable fibers to innovative naturally derived foams, Sherwood Bedding’s mattresses will enhance your overall comfort. Our mattresses breath new life into the conservative sleep-products industry, explore them today:

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