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Hybrid Mattresses: Why are They Better than Memory Foam?

Now that all the millennium-era excitement over memory foam has finally started to trail off, many mattress shoppers are left wondering where they go from here. While they have enjoyed the orthopedic advantages of sleeping on memory foam these past few years, they’ve also noticed something about it that they absolutely despise: it’s ability to absorb inertia ends up killing your sex life at the same time that it’s healing your joints.

Nevertheless, most memory foam owners still aren’t very excited about the idea of going back to an old-fashioned innerspring mattress either, but they admit that the nostalgic bounciness of springs sure was nice for “some” things.

Enter the Age of Hybrid Mattresses

While hybrid isn’t a term that refers to any particular combination of materials, it’s generally used to categorize any mattress design that combines the advantages of multiple traditional mattress materials to capitalize on the benefits while at the same time wiping out the negatives. The most popular conception of a hybrid mattress, for example, involves the combination of memory foam comfort layers atop a foundation of pocketed coils. The goal of this design is pretty obvious: it provides the orthopedic relief of memory foam without sacrificing the desirable “springiness” of coils.

How Many Different Types of Hybrids Exist?

Just as the definition of a hybrid vehicle doesn’t necessarily specify the type of alternative energy source being used to supplement a car’s traditional gasoline engine, neither does the term hybrid mattress specify which types of traditional materials can or can’t be combined to create a mattress with an entirely new feel.

Some hybrids, for example, don’t stop at the combination of just two materials but add a third or fourth material (such as latex or wool) into the mix. Other hybrids, like Spink & Edgar luxury mattresses, don’t use any foam at all in their designs. Instead, they combine natural comfort layers (grown on their family farm in England) without a unique foundation containing thousands of pocketed coils and micro coils.

What Are Micro Coils (aka Nano Coils)?

For those hybrid shoppers who seek a completely unorthodox type of mattress that feels totally unique from anything else available in today’s market, it’s worth looking into a hybrid that incorporates nano coils. Nano coils are a patented type of miniature pocketed spring that works in conjunction with the broader pocketed coil foundation beneath them to provide a refined level of precise pressure relief and body adaptation. In the world of quality hybrid mattresses containing nano coils, it’s not uncommon to see coil counts as high as 3,000 to 7,000 in a single queen-size mattress.

If you’re interested in finding a quality hybrid mattress (at a price point that can’t be beat), you owe it to yourself to check out Sherwood Bedding’s premier Encore® and Lumina® lines of luxury mattresses. Across these two brands, you’ll find multiple takes on the hybrid mattress concept, each with its own feel and comfort level. To learn more about where to find Encore® and Lumina® hybrid mattresses in your area, we invite you to use our handy retailer location tool.

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