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Isolated Support

Whereas innersprings tend to be less capable of conforming to your body’s natural curvature, mattresses with pocketed springs individually adjust to each zone of your body.

Motion Transfer
Isolated Support

Pocketed Spring

The pocketed spring mattress is drastically different from standard innerspring mattresses. They create an entirely independent suspension system comprised of several hundred individually fabric-encased springs. No one spring is physically tied to (or impacted by) another, allowing for a superior level of support with numerous benefits. Below are two of our more popular pocket spring collections.


Learn about the support system that changed the industry

Sherwood Pocketed Spring Mattresses

Barcelona II Soft Euro Top

Barcelona II Firm Euro Top

Barcelona II Medium

Barcelona II Firm

Sherwood Hybrid II Medium

Sherwood Hybrid II Firm

Resort II Soft Pillow Top

Resort II Firm Euro Top

Resort II Soft

Resort II Firm

Resort II Ultra Firm

Vista II Medium Euro Top

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